Myself and Sam really wanted to get some sun over this Christmas break before filming started again, however everywhere is ridiculously expensive at this time of year and you have to fly so far to actually get some good weather. However last minute, someone suggested Casablanca, although it wasn’t going to be boiling it had … Continue Reading

Myself and Sam decided to book two days in Iceland for my birthday. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go (even more so when I saw the Kardashians went haha) and so I thought celebrating my birthday there would be the perfect trip. Unfortunately due to work commitments we were only able to go for … Continue Reading

So i’m sure most of you are thinking wheres Langkawi? Is it in Bali is what I got asked by my boyfriend. Don’t worry I was exactly the same before I came here. I did not have a clue where Langkawi was. Once googling it and finding out it was a small island off Malaysia … Continue Reading