Tel Aviv is such a vegan food friendly place, so if you are going there and are plant based and at all worried you will struggle, don’t be! So many amazing options everywhere!

My favourites were:

  1. Vicky Cristina
  • Located in the old train station, this place is a Spanish tapas restaurant and has lots of vegan options, or dishes you can make vegan if you ask. Really recommend for an evening dinner (book quite late, as everyone eats late in Tel Aviv, for good atmosphere!)
  1. Hakosem – For the best falafel and hummus! No bookings available, just turn up and queue and they hand out falafel in the queue while you wait to order – the dream! Beware they don’t speak much/any English so you can’t really be too picky/fussy with what you order. I went for the falafel and hummus full pitta and it was incredible!
  2. Café Xoho – For amazing brunch! Again I don’t think you can book here, so just turn up and queue! I had the vegan burrito with tofu scramble (pictured below) and it was so tasty. Huge portions though, I could only eat half of it! But took the other half back to the hotel with me along with a vegan double chocolate cookie!
  3. Bucke café – For lunch. Very cute and authentic place with lots of locals working on their laptops there. I got the vegan tray (pictured below) with lots of salad and mezze.
  4. Anita – For the best vegan ice cream you will ever try! Located on Shabazi street, this ice cream place is so good! They have about 6/7 vegan ice cream options – Rasberry, Lemonchello, Chocolate etc – I got the Watermelon and mint one which was so refreshing (pictured below). This place is always busy (I went three times) and stays open until midnight so you can go after dinner if you fancy. I would recommend going early evening though when the shops are still open as it’s a really beautiful street with some amazing boutiques that are great to have a look at and do some window shopping!
  5. The Old Man and the Sea – This one is located in Jaffa. They actually have two restaurants so don’t do what we did and arrange to meet someone there as we both ended up at different ones! I’d recommend the one that isn’t on the port as it’s the older one and way more authentic (the one in the port was very touristy we found as we went to meet our friend who went to that one by accident after). When you sit down, they straight away bring over all this mezze, which is amazing! However they do not speak any English so I was unable to know which were vegan or not, but stuck to the safe ones – hummus, babaganoush, falafel etc. Another thing is we got so full eating the mezze and then didn’t want to order main courses as we could not eat another thing (once you see the size of the pitta breads they bring over you’ll understand where I’m coming from) and the waiters were not very happy that we didn’t order main courses, even though you do pay for the mezze they bring over so just be aware of this if you go!

P.S another thing – Tipping is essential and they will ask you when you pay the bill how much you want to tip, every time. We always did 15% or if it was really good we did 20% but the norm there is 15%.

Overall there are so many incredible restaurants in Tel Aviv! Everyone you meet out there also wants to recommend you places, so the lists are endless and it’s impossible to try them all! Other ones that I would of loved to try but didn’t get the time to were: Abu Hassan in Jaffa for the hummus! Port Sa’id which we did try to go to but you can’t book and the queue was about an hour long! Everyone recommended this one though so I would definitely try and go. Teder which is a pizza place – but they didn’t have their menu online so didn’t want to risk going and there being no vegan options!

Hope this is helpful and do let me know if you end up going to any of these places 🙂

Tiffany x