Myself and Sam decided to book two days in Iceland for my birthday. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go (even more so when I saw the Kardashians went haha) and so I thought celebrating my birthday there would be the perfect trip. Unfortunately due to work commitments we were only able to go for two days but that didn’t stop us!

Here are my tips on what to do and not do in Iceland.

  1. Rent a car. Everywhere in Iceland is quite far away from each other, for example we booked a hotel outside the town because if i’m honest I didn’t think the hotels in Reykjavik were that nice. The hotel we booked called Hotel Rangá was about an hour and a half drive from Reykjavik and taxis are really expensive so it was definitely a good option to rent a car.
  2. Go to the Blue Lagoon. Yes it is touristy, yes it is busy and no you can’t rent the entire thing out like the Kardashians did but it is definitely something you should go experience while you are in Iceland. We spent the first day there and it was really beautiful and a lovely thing to do as a couple.
  3. Do not eat at ‘Lobster and stuff’ in the harbour. I hate naming and shaming places especially as the staff were so friendly here. After the Blue Lagoon me and Sam had a meal here. Sam had the langoustine and I had the seafood pasta. Unfortunately later that evening after we had driven to our hotel I started to feel really sick. During dinner at the hotel I started throwing up and then this did not stop until 4.30am the next day. Food poisoning. It was a real shame that this happened especially because it was my birthday and we were only there for such a short amount of time but these things happen!
  4. Stay at Hotel Rangá. It is an amazing hotel with beautiful views of the mountains and lakes. The drive there from Reykjavik is really easy and you see beautiful views as you drive and lots of wild horses which I loved! The room was lovely and big with a hot tub bath in the middle which was so nice.

I was really hoping to see the Northern lights while I was there and at Hotel Rangá they have a wake up system where you can be put on the list to be woken up if the Northern lights show which is great. They have a guard who checks the sky every 15 minutes at night time to see if the Northern lights show up. Unfortunately they didn’t show on the night we were there but hey that’s just an excuse to go back for me 🙂

On the second day I wasn’t feeling very great and we had planned to go Snowmobiling but unfortunately I just wasn’t up to it which was such a shame. However if you do go to Iceland I would definitely recommend doing that as it looks amazing and I am 100% going to have to go back to do it!

Tiffany x