So i’m sure most of you are thinking wheres Langkawi? Is it in Bali is what I got asked by my boyfriend. Don’t worry I was exactly the same before I came here. I did not have a clue where Langkawi was. Once googling it and finding out it was a small island off Malaysia and then seeing the amazing pictures of it on the internet, my mind was set to go and explore this beautiful looking island.

I had two weeks off before going to France to film the summer series of Made in Chelsea, so myself and my friend Lily booked to stay a week in Sri Lanka at her aunts beautiful villa in Galle and then go to Langkawi for 4 nights. (I wish I could have stayed longer now I’ve been!).

We stayed at the Four Seasons Langkawi which was incredible! We were greeted by cold towels and ice teas and taken to our amazing beach villa, which was bigger then the size of my flat in London. It had a beautiful bedroom, outdoor shower, massive bath tub, walk in wardrobe and even a massage room! It was right on the beach, which provided amazing beach walks and hammock lay outs. Every day at 6pm, we would have a tribe of monkeys run along the beach to that tree and sit in it eating and playing, Incredible! (monkeys are my favourite land animal).

The Four Seasons Langkawi had some amazing activities. Only having four days we wanted to do and see as much as we could. On the first day we did a bike ride into the night market which I would highly recommend. It’s only on a Friday night but the local Malaysian food is so good. We tried and tasted as many things as we could, the malaysian sweet little ‘nonya’ pancakes with coconut in them were my favourite – We need these in London! Or maybe not as I would end up the size of a house.

Other amazing activities that we did that I would really recommend would include the Mangrove and Eagles Safari where we saw snakes, monkeys and eagles.

I also had an amazing massage in their Geo Spa which really helped relax me and get all my knots out. It was honestly the best massage I’ve ever had, far better then top places in London. The lady put my body in all sort of different positions to really get the tension out of my shoulders and back and matched the oils to the type of mood I wanted to feel afterwards.

Another first for me was trying paddle board yoga -newbies only do this when the water is very calm otherwise there’s not a lot of yoga and more a battle of balancing on the board! It was amazing to try though and much more challenging then on the ground yoga. Definitely felt that the next day!

I would recommend if you have no kids using the adult only pool, it has lovely private cabanas for two where you can relax all day, be offered watermelon shots (yummy) and order lunch. Please all try the quinoa salad that is amazing and I had every day for lunch without fail!

With regards to eating there is three restaurants so we tried one each night. My favourite was Ikan – Ikan where we dined on the first night and had amazing malaysian food. I tried the prawn stir fry with lots of little sides and it was delicious. Asian food is by far my favourite. The other two restaurants were both great too, along with the Rhu Bar where we had shish looking out to the sunset.

My time flew by in Langkawi and it only made me want to come back out and spend longer there. The service and staff were so wonderful during our stay and it really does make such a difference. I will never forget these wonderful few days where I got to totally relax and detox (no alcohol or stress!) and it left me returning to London a happier and calmer girl!

So everyone, if you do decide to tick Langkawi off your bucket list, which I really recommend doing then definitely check out the Four Seasons Langkawi to make your stay an unforgettable one.

Tiffany x