My friend and myself decided to venture out to somewhere a little different and have brunch in East at Shoreditch Grind.

If your going on a weekend make sure you book a spot because it gets very busy! We had a cute little high-rise table downstairs and straight away ordered cappuccinos and juices, both essential for me in the morning!

The coffee was great, loved the little bear face on mine! That’s definitely something I want to be able to master one day, coffee art!

I had the red juice, which was made up of beetroot, raspberry, blackberry and banana. So yummy! And involved a super food beetroot so I was happy.

To eat I had the smashed avocado with chilli on toast, with poached eggs and salmon. A healthy balanced meal, which didn’t give me the ‘I’m trying to be healthy so I’m going to order this” feeling. You know what I mean.

Great service, even though it was busy, which I always appreciate and a lovely little spot whether it’s for a catch up, a family get together or a hungover weekend feast. Definitely check it out if you’re in the area, or if you’re not like me and just felt like venturing out!

Tiffany x