Sam and myself had a beautiful dinner at Tredwell’s in Covent Garden on Thursday night.

We got given a booth, which was really nice for just two of us, and both had a ‘Down the apples and pears’ martini to start (my favourite!)

The food was really good. It’s a traditional British restaurant with a lot of variety on the menu. I had the burrata, with olive and caramelised shallot, balsamic and rocket, which was so yummy (although quite filling!). Sam had the Grilled prawns, brioche, parsnip, truffle butter which he said was amazing – he wouldn’t let me try any so must have been too good to share! Haha

For main course I had the monkfish, which came with prawns and squid. Really light fresh fish 100% recommend. Sam had the lamb chop, which came with sausage, onions and celeriac.

However my favourite bit was the side of truffle mac and cheese! I said to Sam I really wanted to get it but then didn’t because I try to eat healthily, and then Sam ordered it for us to share J Dream. I didn’t share.

All in all amazing food and service and the perfect date night atmosphere!

Tiffany x