As most of you who follow the show know, we are in the South of France filming the summer series out here for two months, which is such an incredible experience!

I have only been to the South of France once before to St Tropez and have always wanted to really get to know the French Riviera!

So far I have gotten to know Cannes, Antibe and St Tropez well but still have a few places on my list! I’m dying to explore Eze and go to all the cute little beach bars there, has anyone been?!

Our schedule out here has been quite hectic so having a day off all together has been a treat. We had heard from a local about these beautiful gorges and were dying to explore them, so when we knew we had the day off we knew how we were going to be spending that day.

So we woke up early, put our hiking shoes on (well nike trainers but potato patato) and drove there. We then did realise we didn’t actually know where we were going but headed towards ‘Pont du loup’ in google maps. Once you get to Pont du Loup you follow signs for Gorge Du Loup. You will then see a man made tunnel. This is where you start the hike from.

We didn’t follow a set route but just walked down the path and discovered lots of beautiful small waterfalls, and still pools. Pre warning the water is FREEZING! The coldest I’ve ever been in even to the point where it hurt my feet like brain freeze in the toes L so it’s not for the faint hearted! However you can just sunbathe on the beautiful rocks and take in all the amazing surroundings.

What to pack list:

  • Fully charged camera and phone – you will want to snapchat and take photos of this! P.S polaroid camera if you have one – the photos look incredible!
  • A change of clothes – you won’t want to hike back up wearing your cold bikini.
  • A towel.
  • Water and a picnic if you plan on spending the whole day there. (and you can get a cute picnic insta photo)

P.S Please be really careful about how you get to the gorges. Unfortunately for us we had to learn the hard way, and poor Louise drove to the gorge and parked just after the cave tunnel, which is the known parking spot. When we came back her window had been smashed and her Prada bag, which was in the boot covered up was taken. Was such a shame that our day ended like this and we soon found out from the police that this is a known spot for being robbed if you leave your car – Wish someone had told us this before hand!

Anyway bringing it back onto a positive note, it was an amazing day exploring someone so beautiful and so unknown to tourists. If you are every in the South of France I would really recommend making the trip!

Tiffany x