As lots of you may of seen from my instagram, I recently went to Bali for 10 days, which was heaven!

I have been a couple of times before, we went a few times when I was younger to meet our Aussie side of the family there and have been once or twice in the past few years to see one of my best friends Lily who now lives out there.

So I wanted to share my favourite places to eat, what to do and general advice for anyone that is planning a trip to Bali!

So first thing is, if you are considering Bali as a holiday, do it. You will not regret it. It’s possibly one of my favourite places ever to visit. I normally don’t like to go back to places more than once as there are so many countries I want to visit but I make an exception for Bali. The food, the people, the weather, how affordable it is makes it just an all round amazing destination.

I stayed in Canggu for the majority of my trip with a one night getaway to Uluwatu. Both areas I would recommend staying in and exploring. Canggu is busier and more crowded than Uluwatu but I actually love the business of it. I would really recommend booking villas over hotels in both areas as they are cheaper and gives you the flexibility. One villa I really recommend which we stayed in was called Villa Joju Alit. It was four bedrooms with a beautiful pool and a chef on hand. So if you are planning on going in a group of eight then this should definitely be a place to consider staying! Another benefit of staying in a villa is some nights we would want to just chill and order in food (download the app Gojek for this). The Gojek app is also really handy if you don’t know how to ride a moped as you can basically order the moped version of an uber to get around. Everyone uses mopeds to get around, avoid getting any sort of car unless its to and from the airport as the roads are tiny so you’ll end up sitting in traffic for hours. Another app to download is GoLife which is one where you can get massages ordered to the villa, which I did do most nights! They are about £8 for 90 minutes and absolute heaven. (Book the Balinese massage not the body massage option).

So some of my favourite things we did while I was there:

  1. Finns beach club – It does have a reputation for attracting the wrong crowd but if you’re in a group I would highly recommend booking one of the VIP day beds for one day. The perfect place for sushi lunch, cocktails, great music and a beautiful sunset.

2. Catching the sunset at Echo Beach – some of the most beautiful sunsets ever. Head to La Brisa if you fancy some lovely cocktails and a beautiful venue or if you want to just head to the beach make up free and grab a coconut and sit in the sand there is lots of people also doing that and just an amazing way to end the day.

3.Ulu cliff house in Uluwatu – One of the most beautiful settings for sunset cocktails and views.

4. Palmilla in Uluwatu is another amazing venue which is great for spending the day at, soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful setting. (Also a great place for photos if that is something that is important to you as it is me haha).

5. Friday nights at The Lawn if you fancy a night out. Such fun music, good drinks and just a really good night out. It shuts at 1AM so it’s not anything too crazy but definitely worth doing.

6. If you do want a spa day and not a massage at home, I would recommend Gold Dust in Canggu. Really amazing value and just the most amazing treatments.

7. Shopping is also another really good part of Canggu. There are so many cute boutiques which beautiful clothes and swimwear. Some of my favourites are Atilla, Magali Pascal, Wanderlust and Thaikila.

So now for the most important topic……food! The vegan food scene in Bali is unreal. Pretty much every restaurant is Vegan or offers vegan options and they just do it so.well. and its so cheap! Each meal we would eat out would be about £5-7….crazy compared to London prices! Some of my favourite cafes and places I would 100% recommend trying if you’re in Canggu are:

  1. Peloton – my ultimate favourite – breakfast get the avo toast and nuts and bolts smoothie. It’s also great for lunch/dinner – The carbonara and chickn ceasar wrap were so good.
  2. Kynd – Based in Seminyak but worth heading over for. Anything and everything on the menu is so good, I struggled to choose! And also instagram heaven with the interior.

Other favourites were Shady Shack, Café Organic and I’m Vegan babe. I would avoid Avocado Factory as when we went we had to wait over an hour for food and it was SO hot and stuffy.

Random things that I am thinking of as I go along, make sure you get cash out as you’ll need it for GoJeks, some restaurants only accept cash etc. Also do NOT get a taxi at the airport as they rip you off and harass you. Pre book your driver before you arrive – I use the same guy Gede, his number is

+62 815-5814-5678

Hope this blog was helpful for you and any other questions you may have please just leave them below and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Tiffany X

P.S if you are an influencer and looking to collaborate with villas, restaurants and clothing brands in Bali then I would really recommend contacting Le Social agency (lesocial_agency on instagram) as they will be able to hook you up with loads of collabs and help make your trip even more amazing!