Myself and Sam really wanted to get some sun over this Christmas break before filming started again, however everywhere is ridiculously expensive at this time of year and you have to fly so far to actually get some good weather.

However last minute, someone suggested Casablanca, although it wasn’t going to be boiling it had a steady temperature of 23 degrees most days which was good enough for me when it’s this cold in London! We booked to stay at Mazagan beach resort because we had heard good reviews about the hotel already.

Booking our flights five days before going I was so excited to get away even if it was just for four nights.

The hotel was lovely, massive (500 rooms!) so at first arriving at night I was thinking we are going to get so lost, however we moved from our room, to the pool, to a restaurant and back so I managed to get the swing of where these things were pretty quickly 🙂

I was slightly worried about my tricky diet beforehand as I didn’t know if they would be able to accommodate someone who didn’t eat meat or dairy very well, but I let them know before we arrived and they were so accommodating about it. They checked every dish to make sure no dairy was in it and even prepared customised dishes for me to suit my requirements which was so lovely of them. The food was amazing, we got to try traditional moroccan food at their Moroccan restaurant one night, but our favourite was the French restaurant they had because it was small and romantic and did delicious food. Definitely book into that one if you end up going!

During the day, we lounged round the pool, and managed to get some sun and even a bit of a tan so we were both delighted! Around 4PM was when it started to get chilly so we would go to the gym, or the spa which was amazing. I definitely recommend a facial there, and Sam had a massage which he said was the best he’s ever had, kinda jealous I didn’t book in for one of those as well!

At night time it does get chilly, and I definitely was glad I packed some jumpers because it was needed at night time. It did make laugh that during the day we were there in our bikinis and swim shorts and the staff were wrapped up in coats and scarves. Typical English!

Overall it was the perfect four night get away destination in the Winter, when you need some sun but don’t want to travel miles, or pay 15K for a week’s holiday. I would really recommend it.

Tiffany x