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I have just started laser hair removal at Pulse Light Clinic and I thought that I would keep you guys updated with my thoughts on it and the progress of it!

I’ve always wanted to have laser hair removal but wasn’t sure if it was worth the money/time. Everyone had told me how you have to stay out of the sun the whole time you have the treatment and can’t have spray tans. It’s a treatment every 6 weeks, 5-6 times….A lot of time being pale basically.

However when I got my laser patch test done at Pulse Light Clinic on Percy Street, the girls were really helpful at reassuring me about all my questions and worries. Due to the fact I’m having the laser hair removal on my bikini line and underarms, I can go in the sun, I just can’t get the bikini line or underarms in the sun, which is easy enough for me since they have never been places I have tried to tan before! Legs is another question and for me it wasn’t worth doing the legs for the fact you couldn’t go in the sun for so long.

I had my patch test done, make sure you haven’t had a spray tan before you go and wait until your tan has faded if you’ve been away before you go in. It was very easy and took about 10 minutes which was nice! I booked in for my first laser hair removal for two weeks after that.

I have just had my first laser hair treatment and it was really good! Okay yes it is quite painful, but it is such short term pain, so while your experiencing it and thinking oh my god I cannot do this just remember it’s all over in two seconds and totally worth that short term pain. I’m loving the treatments so far, the girls at Pulse Light clinic are really great at making you feel comfortable and make the whole experience very easy and simple. The hair on my underarms has started to grow back but thats normal, and each time you have the laser treatment the hair will grow back less and less until one day it’ll just stop growing back…Yayyyy no more worries about forgetting to shave!

I will keep you guys updated  with my progress on this, my next treatment is booked in for 6 weeks time so check back then!

Tiffany x

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