The recently opened Kobox on the Kings Road invited me in for a class and wow this is hard-core!

I’ve done a bit of boxing before in my personal training sessions but walking in and seeing everyone dripping in sweat I did get the gym fear and thought what am I getting myself into!

First off you have to buy hand wraps for health and safety and I had absolutely no idea how to put these on! (There is a board on the wall explaining how so make sure you arrive early in time to prepare and read through how to do these so you don’t end up looking like you’ve sprained your hand and are wearing a bandage like me!)

The class itself is great, you get assigned a number, which is your number on the wall and the ground, and you switch over every 5 minutes, which I really like because I get bored of one exercise very easily if it becomes repetitive.

The music is great, and really gets you into the mood of throwing punches at the bag. On the wall you do arm exercises with dumbbells, plates and suspension trainers.

Overall it was a great workout and you do end up sweating buckets because the room is very heated with 30 odd people all in there working hard. I’m really concentrating on upping my arm strength to balance out my body strength at the moment, so I really felt it the morning after this class and although it is hard, I will be making myself go back!

Tiffany x

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