Tiffany Watson

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog!

Being so passionate about photography, fitness and travel has created my newest project, this blog so that I can share more with all of you.

I hope that it will give you more of an insight into my life. Everything on this blog is true to me and my interests and a true reflection of my personality and passions in life;  fitness, fashion, food and travel.

Appearing on E4’s Made in Chelsea has opened so many doors and has given me the opportunity to share my passions in life. I am very grateful.

Get to know me

  1. Are you named after anyone? Yes! My mum named me after one of her childhood friends. I am fortunate that I like my name and am not sick of people singing breakfast at Tiffany’s…yet.
  2. How old are you? 22
  3. What is your eye colour? Bluey/Greeny/Yellow
  4. Do you have any siblings? Yes one sister Lucy who I’m sure you all know and love! And two half brothers, Alfie (9) and Edwin (7).
  5. Do you have any pets? No not yet, I don’t think its fair to get a dog just yet because of my hectic schedule but I am definitely getting a Visla when I get older!
  6. What’s your favourite book? The woman I wanted to be by by Diane von Fürstenberg
  7. Do you have any tattoos? Yes, I have a scorpio on my right wrist…my star sign before you ask… It’s new and im still unsure about it but you live and you learn haha.
  8. Summer or Winter? Summer! Born and raised in England, makes the heat a lot more appealing to me!
  9. What’s your favourite country that you’ve ever travelled to? Currently Australia, because of the fact I have family there and the amazing weather and beaches! However there are so many countries on the bucket list so this could change soon!
  10. What do you want to be when you grow up? Successful and Happy!

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